I would like to welcome you to my blog. Many people are struggling and deciding which expenses they can pay and which will have to wait. Many times there is little, if anything, left to buy food. I would like to offer these families some hope and knowledge on how to feed their families a healthy meal in these difficult times.


  • I make my own stocks using bones and skins left from meals. Buying meats that are not skinless and boneless will also save you a few dollars. I place the items in a Lg freezer bag and freeze until I have enough to make a stock (or two). I have one bag for Chicken, one for Beef and One for Veggies. There is no need to make Pork, unless you wish to,  since adding half beef and half chicken stock will give you a good balanced stock to go with any pork dish. Besides my dogs would object to not getting those bones right after dinner. 
  • To get extra flavor into your stock roast the bones and veggies prior to cooking in water. I also add herbs to my stocks.

  • One thing I do is buy large roasts, beef and pork, and cut them into three or four differant meal size portions myself before freezing. Why pay $4 to $5 extra for them to cut it up. I use the smaller portions for stir-frys, casseroles and soups that I can extend with veggies and rice or noodles. I slice some into steaks or cutlets. If you are real adventurious you can grind some to make your own sausage or ground beef.

  • A great tip to help lower your grocery bill is to make your own body wash. Start by combining unscented liquid hand or bath soap with some oil (almond, sesame, avocado or olive). Add herbs, honey, vanilla extract, essence oils or what ever you like to get the smell you perfer.

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