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Friday, January 6, 2012

Whole Natural Foods are Healthy foods

Since when are things that are NOT fat free, sugar free or diet foods NOT healthy for you. I was on a recipe site yesterday and someone posted a recipe for Morning Health Bars. They had peanut butter, honey, brown sugar and nuts among the ingredients. People started slamming her about how unhealthy and loaded with fat and sugar her bars were. Peanut butter and nuts do have fat but most is good fat our bodies use. And brown sugar and honey have vitamins and minerals that you do not find in refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. As far as calorie content one bar was only 198 calories. My morning latte has more than that.

People need to remember it is what kind of foods we are eating combined with how much we eat. One breakfast bar with a glass of milk is 10 times better than that Sausage McMuffin with hash browns and Starbucks Latte.

Here is an article that elaborates on the health benefits of some of these foods.


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